July 17, 2008


I got tagged...
But you know I liked getting tagged this time.
So here goes.

**8 Things you absolutely don't know about me...ABSOLUTELY!!!
  1. Ok. I'm tagged.
  2. I've two eyes and two ears and single mouth and single nose.
  3. I see with my eyes and hear from my ears and my mouth is the spot where some things go in and some things come out and I smell form my nose.
  4. I am a GUY....BOY...A Male Being.
  5. I wear clothes.
  6. Then....I can type real fast...really...it took me 3 hrs to get to this....most of the time was spent on thinking...*thinks*...almost 0.999909 seconds.
  7. I know How to Use the Compiter...*stares*... really!!!...tere c.p.u. ki kasam sacchi!!! I also know how to use the intarnett...really.!!! *sigh*
  8. I love Cherry Pie.
Now all you worthy enough to own a Web Logging Privilege must go and enter an entry.
Go now...Mine shall be done.

P.S. Not applicable to the person who tagged me.

*clears throat*
*Goes to pee*

*They *that* *Rhymes**
(Now thats a hell lotta stars!!!( aint them?!! (really!!!( see!!(hey that rhymes again!!)))))
And thats ahell lotta brackets...
Me thinks Me Should Stop.
People must be reaching for their knives...


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