August 3, 2008

Here goes another apology.
Ma'am I was not present at The Friendship day...And I did not bring my Absen-note.
Well, I seriously don't feel like meeting anyone at this time, for a strangely unknown reason,
too much stress perhaps??
Well being the pessimist that I am, I'm writing this apology in a very somber state, un-intoxicated,
Maybe I'm feeling a bit depressed.

My special apology to Anna Bhai,
Sorry man. I will feel bad about this later, after 2 days have passed.
And I will feel worse for not wanting to meet you after reading that wonderful poem you wrote.
And all the efforts that you put in on meeting me.

To Cherry Pie,
I feel very empty.
I don't know if anyone can ever do about this.
Loving you...

I do not expect forgiveness.
Just a contraption to cover my guilt.
so....This is it...
Sorry for ruining your friendship day.

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