December 14, 2016


One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Reading time – 3 days
Explosion! And my thoughts race outwards towards infinity as I try to salvage as much as I can, shortly after I’ve read this book. Don Gabriel conjures a mystifying world of virgin territory, enterprising adventurers, kaleidoscopic gypsies, phantasmal miracles, impossible situations, civil war at point-blank, transient alien landscapes and real, down to the flesh people. Now I know what the gringo narrator of Narcos was talking about when he mentions ‘Magic Realism’.
The writing is so incredibly descriptive that the reader is bound to lose his way amongst the life-size portrayals of scenes from another world yet much our own. The tone of narration is so pensive that it becomes mysterious and we’re hooked by its subtle but incessant seduction that never gets old. Finally the timbre of the feeling is so dense that one gets absorbed into the story instead of the other way round.
The book is basically a 400+ pages of a portal that transmigrates our consciousness with that of the incredible Don Gabriel and irrefutably transmutes our most prehistoric consciousness in an indescribable manner. As we pass through the vague, winding spiral of plain fact, utter shock and blurry premonitions, we find ourselves ‘in’ the scene watching and yet at the same time unravelling it, comparing it with our own memories and outlooks. It is inevitable.
Don Gabriel invents a new language through the translator to English Mr Gregory Rabassa, whose unparalleled authority over the language makes it look easy. If not for him I would have needed to learn Spanish in order to partake this journey but we (English Readers) are so lucky to have him.
You might find this review somewhat scattered and disoriented, of which I assure you it is merely because I’m writing too soon, before the book’s effects have dissipated. Now, for my future conquest, I’ve set my eyes on Ulysses by His Highness James Joyce. I’ll speak soon and only after I’ve finished reading and only about Ulysses.
Thanking You.

December 12, 2016

Doing Hard Time (Start)

It’s brutal, especially if you’re me. I’ve been doing heavy smoking and drinking for quite a long time now and such a hard break in the body’s routine is simply punishing. This ordeal gets particularly tough when you chip in the fact that my distraction addicted mind has nothing pressing to do i.e. boredom has set in, the hardships of the detox have multiplied by a thousand.
Let’s break it down on how I’m facing and countering these new demons.

11. The Urge: This is the most recurrent side-effects of the detox. The craving for alcohol is less severe and distant but the craving for a smoke is devastating. Both cravings are attached to boredom, so if I keep real busy I almost don’t recognize them. However in times of solitude of which I have too much of, it’s like I’m fighting a losing battle, so my thoughts turn to eating, sleeping, shagging and working out. The most effective method I found to be was walking and being out in fresh air (or whatever is left of it in Mumbai). Watching an interesting series is also a good way to tackle the urge if you don’t bore easily.

22.Withdrawals: Withdrawal makes life a bitch. You begin to weaken one foundation at a time and there is nothing you can do about it. It will happen, play its turn. What you can do when it’s your turn you can counter by building healthy and antioxidant-rich diet and habits. How I went about that was, called onto my first and strongest ally – water. Keeping hydrated is like maintaining a supply line in a full-fledged war – it is the difference between winning and losing. The next comes fruits – this harvest of flora is one of the best ways to feel peppy and fresh in such times of adversity. I focused on Vitamin – C and antioxidants so my fill was basically pomegranate, guava, apple limes and lemons. Next on the list is avoiding meat and eggs as much as you can, as they are quite heavy I feel it will weigh me down. Now vegetables, this is the main course of my diet along with pulses and cereals. Last but not the least, I drink milk and eat fresh yogurt and buttermilk, everyday – correct! So I figure if I can juggle all this correctly, I should be out of the woods in no time.

33.Boredom: This is the kingmaker in my cluster of problems. Although it is not a direct effect of detox, its existence amplifies any other major or minor effect – a lot. Due to boredom my sleep pattern and quantity is messed up (I’m oversleeping). Another malfunction is that I have lost all drive and am unable to focus and concentrate onto any activity to sustain it. This got me thinking – what can I do to strengthen the mind that is unbridled or in other words to discipline it? Read – and that’s what I’m doing right now, most of my day is spent in reading (Reading Now: One Hundred Years Of Solitude). This, I don’t know where it’s going, so wish me luck.