July 19, 2008

The pillars of light

Bones and a brain,
Clothes of skin with pin holes.
Staring to grasp the the time that they've lost.

A secret nothingness, dark silence its essence,
Hostile and numb, the soul has become.
As the sad runs down,
he forgets to invert the Glass,
The day and nights pass...

A cube of light, of picture and sound.
The compelling visions, its sorry side.

The Lion King dies,
The reflection of a tear on the screen,
But no lips move and the stream of thought
Gets washed.

No memory,
No significance.
The sand was far before emptied.

The soul does not die.
There is a conversion.
A black hole...A hole.
Devouring anything and taking its color.

The child inside never got a chance to breathe
To feel the breeze.
To know where is he,
And be what he wanted to be.

Cannot say,
Cannot blame.

A new order of these children,
The followers of the Pillar of light.

It gives them a reason to live.
Their world to conceive.
A minute, tender hole.
Thats all...their soul.

When the plug is pulled off,
They know not what to find out.

Piece after piece.
The jigsaw falls down.
The pillar no longer sound.
No longer able to hold the falling pieces down.
The face in the darkened screen is unfamiliar.

The sand has flowed too long,
And they let themselves drown.
no call of distress.
No one to answer the call.

July 17, 2008


I got tagged...
But you know I liked getting tagged this time.
So here goes.

**8 Things you absolutely don't know about me...ABSOLUTELY!!!
  1. Ok. I'm tagged.
  2. I've two eyes and two ears and single mouth and single nose.
  3. I see with my eyes and hear from my ears and my mouth is the spot where some things go in and some things come out and I smell form my nose.
  4. I am a GUY....BOY...A Male Being.
  5. I wear clothes.
  6. Then....I can type real fast...really...it took me 3 hrs to get to this....most of the time was spent on thinking...*thinks*...almost 0.999909 seconds.
  7. I know How to Use the Compiter...*stares*... really!!!...tere c.p.u. ki kasam sacchi!!! I also know how to use the intarnett...really.!!! *sigh*
  8. I love Cherry Pie.
Now all you worthy enough to own a Web Logging Privilege must go and enter an entry.
Go now...Mine shall be done.

P.S. Not applicable to the person who tagged me.

*clears throat*
*Goes to pee*

*They *that* *Rhymes**
(Now thats a hell lotta stars!!!( aint them?!! (really!!!( see!!(hey that rhymes again!!)))))
And thats ahell lotta brackets...
Me thinks Me Should Stop.
People must be reaching for their knives...


July 13, 2008

The still breath over my skin,
Rose petals over the candles,
The tear on that purple orchid.
And my ethereal arms around you.

Don't you cry my Love,
This night is not too long,
And with the sun I must leave the bay,

Lipskin touch,
So long I hope to keep,
...Till you never feel my absence,

Nothing ever remains,
But seasons do come again.
And when the scent of rains remind you of me,
I'll be right by your side.


Its for you Gundi.
I'll always be with you, never you worry.

July 11, 2008


A cold willow leaf,
Sticky blood in ice crystals -
Reminiscent of that bygone battle.
Silent eyes meet, without hesitation greet.

Where were they yesterday's day?
Droplets of the same cloud.

A moth between them,
Dust of sleep.
Gold dust.

Mirrorscreen: Blood stains recreate.
The killer moth, kills with quaint silence.

The war's just a scar,
A paint on body's wall.
But the smile of the unmet acquaintance,
Passing by...
Is hard to beat.

Of the days bygone...
Just the sigh remains.

The Dragon's Descent.

The city was bustling,
Clear cold sun, sweat and dust sludge.
Frustrations capped under the civilized cobblestones,
The traveler looks above.

The sky cut and bled, the clouds of morn
Came in haste.
A tornado of blue
Touched the mortals' plane.
And scarlet silhouette descend.

The trees looked up,
Cloak of dust unburdened.
Traveler looks and smiles,
While no one cares to wonder.

No one makes their way,
To the Heavens' hand.
No one bothers any attention pay.
Oh, ants are blind they say?

Wise steps tread lonely,
The welcoming committee.
The nimbus turns to dust...
No sound and no thrust.

The uncaring,
Hobble and Babble.
Their state remains perpetual.
'Welcome' says the lonely voice.

Walks today,
A Dragon form the sky.


I wasted an eternity,
Knocking destiny's doors,
The wind came by and the candle moaned.

Waiting for something,
In vain I shone, I castaway myself in forlorn.

Denied to see the sunshine,
I stuck posters of rain.
While you moved on, I wonder if I'm sane.

I've grown,
Grown into an opaque labyrinth of words,
That murmur in my sleep,
And hide from my pen.

That bloodstain,
Ah...I remember...You had cried.
My sacrifice for the dream that I held inside.

Now like moths the fireflies fell,
Like Icarus - too close to the sun.

Alone in madness and despair,
I stall the inevitable,
By watching a movie.

The rain is decaying and moving away,
Words never come out when I've something to say.
The rain that I conjured as my own,
My dream.

Now my sanity's leaking out,
Form the holes that they've made.
Since when,
I lookout for the Me in the mirror.
Still seeming to find just the wall in my cellar.

No ale, no friend,
I'm alone in my lonely den.
Wraith of my childhood...never sees me awake.
And I send a bleeding sigh,
To reach you before Its too late...


Joshua's song.

I am what I wanted to see,
I am where I wanted to be.

The Road, serves me delight.
A saint I am without a god.
As I walk my way between the thin lines,
Without a coin on my body,
I'm still beating you in the end.

Come the seasons,
They all are mine,
I smile, they become divine.

The sky is my canvas,
The giver of my flight.
And the earth still lures me,
To her dark mystic side.

The penny on me, just weighs me down,
I'm far too sane to disagree,
And the many people I've known
Can always show me the way.

A straw hat for a catfish,
A night for a hand,
A flower for the meal,
And a reason to go on.

There is no debt or owe,
I'm no longer under that hammer that you know.

I speak with the leaves,
and play along the thorns.
My hand touches a ghost
And bids him farewell.

And here I am,
So true so true.
But this is where I wanted to be,
Let the reaper come,
We shall have a word or two.

July 10, 2008

The Druid of Twilight.

The city rested on the grim banks.
Under the estranged sunlight,
The Pillars of their vain pride shall fall...

I emerge from the tall grass and fallow,
I whisper the sorcery into the Howler's ear.
And a serpent tells the tale.

Many a layers of chains,
Mortal supremacy, for the pride and vain
By my hands you shall set free,
An instrument of your liberty.

The air has changed,
And so shall the land and its face.
Apocalypse of your delusions,
Has finally crossed the horizons.

Come, the chiefs and sing thy songs,
Wreak havoc, like never before.
Let Chaos be at peace.
I want to see then,
How will they keep their heads so neat,
Or shall be swallowed by defeat.

And from the ashes of this vegetable world,
Shall be erected another realm,
Of the brave and the free.
Or lest a sanctuary of their dreams.

July 8, 2008


In fury and flame,
We play the game.
After nightfall,
Ashes glow;
And we're not the same.

What were you saying again?
Me was almost off the mark!!

The Certain Principle of Uncertinity.

He resides in the sail,
He resides in the wind.
He's why you pleasure.
The outcome of thy leisure.

A secret treasure:
In existence his, denies.
In the forgery you find,
The truth of his lies.

The angel and the demon,
Can't together be.
But without them...
Even the shadow of you,
I shall not see.

Her way.

Her vision foresees the enchantment,
The ale and the night.
Her shadow incomplete,
Knitting in the ashes, as she moves again.

A forty other years,
She's looked behind tonight,
Its her night to cry.

Forfeit her song,
When the baby cries.
He takes her by the hand,
And foots step on cold sand.

The night she drifted,
From the adopted shore.
She's never looked back.

At the sun she stare,
That was her way.
What could have been the past,
No heed she pays.

India resigning.

I woke up pretty late in the morning, it was past the breakfast time. As routine I struggled for the morning news paper. Page and another went by, news of the common man, for the common man...by the uncommon. A frequent deaths by the hands of some avaricious kin, the attempt of an immature lover to etch liking on the skin of the loved, prices the common man pays for the most trivial of the follies. Another leaf of happenings of a perpetual cycle go by...Indian Embassy mowed down by a maniac with explosives...

Indians we are and the exuberant legacy of our understanding and non-violent approach towards the whole of universe is well publicized of, but can nothing erase this blot of cowardice from our valor and self esteem? The common man and his problems are in plenty, and there must be attention given to it, but what attacks the nation, attacks you. I mean, now-a-days doesn't even the fear of slavery drive people to uphold their heads on their own straight necks? let alone glory be the driving force. Today he has trifled with your gates, that means he has enough guts to break into your home and get his hands around your throat. Indians are an intellectual people and I don't deny that, but what agitates me the most is that our leaders-who represent a hundred million and more of us in the globe, hide behind the elegance of civil virtues in the face of opposition to our fearless existence. Filthy sophist cowards. Take for example the so much hyped N-deal, what's with it? If our very lovable leaders have a history of childhood negligence I may understand their erratic behavior and their sycophantical attitude but they did have ha very stable head I suppose, for they managed to top the race.

All in all, there is a great loss of pride, a pride for the future, all thy glory rests in your shadows that's about to dissolve in the night. Then I must add, what is the need for the critically acclaimed freedom? Mightn't we only be needing some sophisticated administration? and for the lesser torments we have our illustrious civilization to back us, don't we? Well I also add that this does not fit well with me, as it may with some spineless creatures I share my land with.

In the end someone's need to do the straightening and as of today, that someone seems to have depleted the from the scene. Or do we need an Ironfist to remind us the responsibilities that must be put back into consideration?