August 15, 2008

The Chaos theory.

People here I am. For a brief vacation even before the college starts. Do you know about the "Butterfly Effect"? I'll tell you. It is hypothised that if in one part of the world a Butterfly flaps its wings, it may cause a cyclone in some other part of the world...thats how you describe Chaos theory. The means to underestand the uncertinity the world is shrouded in.

Think about it. What is everything around in?? Chaos or cosmos?? Suprificially everything seems very calm and perfectly engineered the work of god!! But as we move to the intricacies we find that there are serious discomforts in the system. There are individual systems think about them as functions in infinite dimensions [that every line possible is an axis of the system] And in such a system various functions are creating "graphs" of themselves with use of the system's "resources" or co-ordinates. Now there is dense possibility that every graph will interact with atleast one more graph by the means of sharing and using or controlling the resources. This will give rise to a number of diffrent flavours of plots that will no llonger be the representation of pure funtions but a changed one...sometihng more optimum at that spot and time. Can you even faintly picture it?? Mess right?? More's to come.

Now we cannot also shun the possibility of another function that is the basic property of the whole system i.e. it affects the whole system [all of the infinite resources.] And this also comes in flavours...hidden and visible [to the functions] For example take the rotiation of the axis or the shif of origin these are visible system functions and for hidden you have distortion of length or definition of length on which the functions have no control over. So over and all its very chaotic.

Such is the atmosphere where the true might of Chos theory can be seen. One small incident, starts off a chain of events and by the proper placement of resources it aquires some significant significance. And in a chaotic world this can last from one millisecond to a millenium and the consequences can be negligible or catostrophic. But one must be the condition on which it can be...each and every functions should be unaware of such a chain reaction and its happening or its consequences or the chain will end abruptly.

And If we can control such a phenomemon [we can only control what we can initiate] then there will be alot more efficiency in our work and there will truly be nothing as impossible.


Anonymous said...

Go teach some people out there. You are a perfect lecturer cuz no one will understand you. But somehow I could figure the chaos, thanks to our friendship.

Immortal_666 said...

where the hell did u find a cyber cafe??