August 15, 2008

Mrs. Pratibha Patil...

At the midnight of 15th August 61 years ago A man addressed to a sleeping nation with hope and golden words full of inspiration, motivation and what not....Par Saale ke paach minute ab tak nahi huye...
Yup the nation is still drowsy...guess who?? [Don't stare at the Nepali] well that one called India by the rest of the world and Bharat by its own people. Now I know that you are completely up and alert by 11.59 in the morning ready for a healthy brunch. But have you happened to gaze at the unnatural phenomenon called "President's speech addressing the nation."??
Aaah..!! You have faint glimpses...of the t.v. and the morning mist...then some soft music playing far away...and then you sleeping off on the cold bare floor only to be woken up by the maid's broom's tickle up your nose...yes yes...Something like that.
Now I'll tell you frankly that I never had what it takes to win the I-day challenge. But I do try every hell time.

Mrs. Patil...What a wonderful voice you've got...its really the gift of your unfortunate god. And by the way, do YOU write the speeches?? or that is done by someone else... .. .. Well I just wanted to check if you ever put any effort to that nationwide live telecast...had that speech been even a syllable long...I tell you all the recivers and the satellites and set top boxes would have exploded or hammered or shot themselves to death. Really.

So were you the head girl of your school or some thing?? or the one who has to face the brutalities of the morning 'ass'embly readings? If you are then you share my sympathies...Cause you really can't help but boring people...The sheer trauma of the thing is very great you see.

Well it started something like...I cant remember...but I do remember some small famous lines.
"..We shall not succumb to the terrorists..."
"...Our country will not let the scourge of terror..." *yawn*
"..We will shine eco....and we will lead th..." *bloody really yawns while typing...pinky swear*

Its mediocre writing...but the desperate way you read it all from the ticker...its just pathetic. Really can see her eyes move when she talks...So what to do? you are the...WoMan nothing can be done about it.

*Man I really like the parade and stuff...but we really need a good speaker...the one who turns words to motivation...not motivation to sleep.*

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Anonymous said...

*Rolling with laughter*
*Wishes to have viewed it*
As far the speaker is concerned,