July 11, 2008


I wasted an eternity,
Knocking destiny's doors,
The wind came by and the candle moaned.

Waiting for something,
In vain I shone, I castaway myself in forlorn.

Denied to see the sunshine,
I stuck posters of rain.
While you moved on, I wonder if I'm sane.

I've grown,
Grown into an opaque labyrinth of words,
That murmur in my sleep,
And hide from my pen.

That bloodstain,
Ah...I remember...You had cried.
My sacrifice for the dream that I held inside.

Now like moths the fireflies fell,
Like Icarus - too close to the sun.

Alone in madness and despair,
I stall the inevitable,
By watching a movie.

The rain is decaying and moving away,
Words never come out when I've something to say.
The rain that I conjured as my own,
My dream.

Now my sanity's leaking out,
Form the holes that they've made.
Since when,
I lookout for the Me in the mirror.
Still seeming to find just the wall in my cellar.

No ale, no friend,
I'm alone in my lonely den.
Wraith of my childhood...never sees me awake.
And I send a bleeding sigh,
To reach you before Its too late...


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