July 11, 2008

Joshua's song.

I am what I wanted to see,
I am where I wanted to be.

The Road, serves me delight.
A saint I am without a god.
As I walk my way between the thin lines,
Without a coin on my body,
I'm still beating you in the end.

Come the seasons,
They all are mine,
I smile, they become divine.

The sky is my canvas,
The giver of my flight.
And the earth still lures me,
To her dark mystic side.

The penny on me, just weighs me down,
I'm far too sane to disagree,
And the many people I've known
Can always show me the way.

A straw hat for a catfish,
A night for a hand,
A flower for the meal,
And a reason to go on.

There is no debt or owe,
I'm no longer under that hammer that you know.

I speak with the leaves,
and play along the thorns.
My hand touches a ghost
And bids him farewell.

And here I am,
So true so true.
But this is where I wanted to be,
Let the reaper come,
We shall have a word or two.

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