July 8, 2008

India resigning.

I woke up pretty late in the morning, it was past the breakfast time. As routine I struggled for the morning news paper. Page and another went by, news of the common man, for the common man...by the uncommon. A frequent deaths by the hands of some avaricious kin, the attempt of an immature lover to etch liking on the skin of the loved, prices the common man pays for the most trivial of the follies. Another leaf of happenings of a perpetual cycle go by...Indian Embassy mowed down by a maniac with explosives...

Indians we are and the exuberant legacy of our understanding and non-violent approach towards the whole of universe is well publicized of, but can nothing erase this blot of cowardice from our valor and self esteem? The common man and his problems are in plenty, and there must be attention given to it, but what attacks the nation, attacks you. I mean, now-a-days doesn't even the fear of slavery drive people to uphold their heads on their own straight necks? let alone glory be the driving force. Today he has trifled with your gates, that means he has enough guts to break into your home and get his hands around your throat. Indians are an intellectual people and I don't deny that, but what agitates me the most is that our leaders-who represent a hundred million and more of us in the globe, hide behind the elegance of civil virtues in the face of opposition to our fearless existence. Filthy sophist cowards. Take for example the so much hyped N-deal, what's with it? If our very lovable leaders have a history of childhood negligence I may understand their erratic behavior and their sycophantical attitude but they did have ha very stable head I suppose, for they managed to top the race.

All in all, there is a great loss of pride, a pride for the future, all thy glory rests in your shadows that's about to dissolve in the night. Then I must add, what is the need for the critically acclaimed freedom? Mightn't we only be needing some sophisticated administration? and for the lesser torments we have our illustrious civilization to back us, don't we? Well I also add that this does not fit well with me, as it may with some spineless creatures I share my land with.

In the end someone's need to do the straightening and as of today, that someone seems to have depleted the from the scene. Or do we need an Ironfist to remind us the responsibilities that must be put back into consideration?

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