July 10, 2008

The Druid of Twilight.

The city rested on the grim banks.
Under the estranged sunlight,
The Pillars of their vain pride shall fall...

I emerge from the tall grass and fallow,
I whisper the sorcery into the Howler's ear.
And a serpent tells the tale.

Many a layers of chains,
Mortal supremacy, for the pride and vain
By my hands you shall set free,
An instrument of your liberty.

The air has changed,
And so shall the land and its face.
Apocalypse of your delusions,
Has finally crossed the horizons.

Come, the chiefs and sing thy songs,
Wreak havoc, like never before.
Let Chaos be at peace.
I want to see then,
How will they keep their heads so neat,
Or shall be swallowed by defeat.

And from the ashes of this vegetable world,
Shall be erected another realm,
Of the brave and the free.
Or lest a sanctuary of their dreams.

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