July 11, 2008

The Dragon's Descent.

The city was bustling,
Clear cold sun, sweat and dust sludge.
Frustrations capped under the civilized cobblestones,
The traveler looks above.

The sky cut and bled, the clouds of morn
Came in haste.
A tornado of blue
Touched the mortals' plane.
And scarlet silhouette descend.

The trees looked up,
Cloak of dust unburdened.
Traveler looks and smiles,
While no one cares to wonder.

No one makes their way,
To the Heavens' hand.
No one bothers any attention pay.
Oh, ants are blind they say?

Wise steps tread lonely,
The welcoming committee.
The nimbus turns to dust...
No sound and no thrust.

The uncaring,
Hobble and Babble.
Their state remains perpetual.
'Welcome' says the lonely voice.

Walks today,
A Dragon form the sky.

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