December 5, 2007

Daisy Dew.

In the dream which i was awake.

My soul seemed to walk the path that would make.

Up to the cemetery gates

where upon a tombstone,

someone stood.

Has watched me through my own eyes.

And just as the chrysanthemum dies,

he fell to the land.

And again many a dark souls came over

and made the dead man bad.

As soon as the moon light fell over the tombstone

dark daises bloomed to decorate his death.

While the living ones sold his fate to the highest bidder.

Thankfully they went heavenwards

'cause hell wasn't ready to take them in,

they looked at the heavens,

and the spotless blue sky was blackened by dark dry clouds.

The daises dried,

dead flesh of fallen angels fell to the ground,

seeking redemption.

With their faces in the dirt.

And thus a few dark souls devour the cosmos

and obliterate everything...

but before this could happen,

a dew drop glistened on the dying daisy's petal

and a new sun peeped into our dying world.

And when i felt it's blaze

i woke up from my pleasant nightmare

to be safe to look at the clear blue sky again.

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