December 6, 2007

Scene from the diary...

I wander and wander around,
In this strange land,
Thriving on ancient meals
And the fuel of my burning dreams.

My limbs sway with every step,
My eyes don't want to see further,
Now instead of a sound of symphony,
I hear listless clamor.
My nights are no more special,
The wind too is fitful.

Day by day, part by part,
Frame by frame,
My dream disintegrates and,
The void swallows those lonely,
Parts of my desires.

Slowly the demonic ancient
Is making its way to the
Core of my being,
Corroding all that blocks its path.
And i can do nothing but stare.
I'm dying....
Slowly and surely.

My quest will halt,
Before the end...
And a beast will die,
Before it opens its eye...

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