December 4, 2007


Vengeance, vengeance,
My sweetest revenge.
Her pain and tears
I have to avenge.

The night was savage,
A mild perfume.
The smell of blood
And ashes exhumed.

Burnt was the village,
People were pillaged.
No one was spared,
So i dared.

There near the totem,
She cried and cried.
And asked for vengeance,
before she died.

Even though I loved her,
After she was no more.
And though I loved her,
Far from before.

As she died,
In my arms,
She found her place,
Among my scars.

From anger and regret,
As i roared,
Vendetta, vendetta,
My fist closed.

I have come for you thus,
My friend, I regret.
But her tears and cries,
I cannot forget.

My heart has twisted,
Twisted in ways you cannot see.
But the way it is,
I cannot let it be.
And with you still alive,
My soul will not be free.

The course of action,
Hence is this alone.
To take your life,
In my truest tone.

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