December 5, 2007


Take a guess,
Take a wild guess.

A leap for the stars,
An ocean unknown.
Fell from heaven,
Wandering alone.

Hearing a song
From miles afar,
I guess its a maiden
Singing away her scar.

Tears roll down,
Unknowingly I smile.
Chaos uplifted,
My skull - The Pandemonium Fortress.

Time dissolves away,
Fast in the wind.
Take a nap under a tree,
Guessing my sin.

A guess of truth and false,
It has always been,
Drifting along,
To places unseen.

Someone i saw,
I guess a ghost in the fog,
The attic door must've lost a log.

I guess she caresses me out of love,
I guess I love her,
Again I guess, I'll sleep only in her arms,
I'll sleep only in her arms.

I guess it was a mistake,
Or was it an accident?
Was it a nightmare or
Was it a fairy tale?

I guess lonely among words,
I will always be,
A corner of my mind,
That I can never see.

Guessing that I am,
I've always been.
Never knowing,Never knowing,
What there is.

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