December 4, 2007

Vengeance and Deliverence.

Remember, remember the Fifth of November....
Vendetta, the vengeance. It is the sin a conscience always permits one of, but it is not an easy of tasks. The task that asks of everything of a person...absolutely everything - love, dedication, vigor, strength and determination. But what it is, still remains most basic, it is a feeling. Not the groomed and cultured ones in your pockets, that you roam around with; but the one that is bare and naked. One of the ancients, one of the instincts.
The desire for vengeance everyone has, revenge for all the wrongs did upon one, but not everyone can deliver it.
The primitive it blinds and the genius it dictates. For a man acting only on instinct, he will construct himself into a rampaging kamikaze. A genius on the other hand will deliver it, rather render it like an art, a masterpiece in his life. For this act, all of his being is intimately involved.
The means of deliverance are varied but can be roughly classified into two categories - cunning and brute. Now it differs from man to man to reason and to conclude, but I see that revenge is a very underestimated feeling.
As of today, revenge comes with a price. this is not the consequence that I'm talking about, but the one that occurs early on in the chain of events. i believe that once you have decided to avenge, with complete prudence you accept all the consequences that may come.
My parents taught me that revenge is the business of savages and we as civilized people should avert from it. But then I asked myself that - 'is this aversion from the deliverance of vengeance, arise from the fear of consequences?' and i found it to be 'Yes'. Since from the beginning cowardice does not appeal to me, I am of the opinion that one should always deliver their revenge or not desire of it at all.
So it has become my firm belief that to seek and deliver revenge is the trait that makes us human, and we should not suppress it. Hence I ask you that if we desire revenge but do not deliver it no matter what the reason for it be, are not we lying to ourselves?

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