December 11, 2007

On That Dusty Road...

I'm walking on a dusty road,
A lone dusty road.
Don't know where I'm heading,
I just look at the horizon,
Yes, that's where I'm going.

A dancing peepul tree; dances alone,
And marks a spot for me.

I sit there,
Still looking at the horizon.
Ah...what a charming sight...
The royal blue sky,
Touching the rugged hard earth.

I look at the sun with my sleepy eyes,
Through my friend's foliage.

A cool breeze, with some dust,
Brings me the scent of rain,
From somewhere far.

But myself I'm all wet,
Covered in the same,
Soft smell of earth.

The sky is wet,
The road is green,
My friend is having a bath...

I am still getting wet,
Better than before,
I don't run; I decide to stay,
And take a nap.

And like all the cosmos heard me,
The delicate sound of distant thunder,
Of leaves and raindrops hugging,
The elemental smell of the bathing lady,
And the wetness of the rain...
They all put me to sleep.

With an unknown lullaby,
And in the memory of my long forgotten
I rest.

Its quiet.

''Excuse me sir, do you know
where this place is?''
I am startled,
I wake up.

I look at the traveler,
I look at the paper,
Then point towards the horizon,

I'm wet, with sweat but,
My friend laughs at me,
As the dry, hot, blazing wind,
Shakes off the dream from my hair.

And I still am
on that dusty road,
With my naughty friend...

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