April 20, 2008

Moving on...

After an arduous time in my life recently...I finally decided to relax and take my pick. Not wait for the rain or the sunshine, as you're thinking; just relax. Time for all those dogmas, complexes and prejudices in my skull to feel very unwanted and find somewhere else to stay. My friends are far ahead dancing and singing, touching the sun's smile...and I'm still here brooding over the days, forgone. Regrets I do have many, infact so many that they give my memory a colossal spam and I fail to re-account them. Regrets...they'll always linger around me like dead friend's ghosts; seen only by me.
As I turn back and wonder who I was, surely; then I was happy. I had friends by my side and we enjoyed every passing time. I wish that I become that person again [Play K-Os' 'The man I used to be..' track]. Wounds heal, I learn if I give them the time. But some memories are just too painful to heal. They are just too deep and silent. So silent that sometimes even I can't hear them screaming...'Asshole what have you done?...' Yeah you really get used to this shit....
Well now I'm cut-off from most, I'm relaxing...where ever I'm still bleeding inside, the blood now collects behind my skin and rots. A horrendous package of filth and plague I will have to carry and rush forth to meet my friends. Join in the party.
Oh, well that's that. That something which the world calls Moving on....

P.S. - I hate you all.

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Anonymous said...

Never it was before
The way it is now
The strength in you
Amazes me the most
Just when things go wrong
I look at your life
And say "Hey man,
I gotta survive"