April 25, 2008

Afternoon's death.

Its a lazy afternoon, the sunlight is beaming into the room through the half-curtained window, the dust is as still as it can be, in the shadows I lie comfortably doing absolutely nothing, not even sleeping. The time is so perfect for a nap, but the quote 'Nothing is perfect' wants to prove it right now...the doorbell rings, for a moment I stare at the ceiling cursing it, then pull myself out of my comfy zone and sporting a disappointed, irritated and angry look on my face head to the door to just say 'Sorry, Hame kuch nahi chahiye.'...yup I know its a salesman, I know it is; because the art of 'piss-em'-off-in-the-afternoon' can only be executed flawlessly by a member of their breed...hell ya I'm racist...I feel like hanging the guy upside-down and smoking him with the same thing that he's supposed to sell.
Well anyway, for an afternoon so perfect, there has to be more trouble...no no really, there is some sinister plan being hatched to not let me have a moment of peace, up there. I open the door and m about to throw the I'm-pissed-off-line I see two women looking at me, with decent saris and some good amount of gold on 'em. Faced with such unusual situation I thought I knew where this would be going. Their 'aunty' eyes looked at me like a hyperactive squirrel high on sugar. All my instincts said was...
'Akshay na?'
The reminder of who I was darted at me and in enlightenment I let them in. Then I called mom, cause I'm very bad at hospitality. Really! If I had been there alone, then I would've given them their fair part of water from our reservoir and start watching t.v. no respect for guests. So mom comes into the scene and engages them, its two on one; but no worries, I've taught mom everything I know.
'Akshay, these are my friends from college, I forgot to tell you they were coming.'
Well thank you so much for letting me know mommy!!
There are some smirks,
'OOH, Look how much he's grown...!!!'
One of the aunties exclaim immediately after the hullo, and I smile like 'Ya I'm surprised too.' Like don't they have any other pickup line? And anyway what do you expect me to do? Stay the same saying 'Hey I don't wanna surprise my relatives, they are heart patients.' the point is- when will they learn?
Then came inquiries about my academic front...yeah there my imagination goes bonkers...!
'12th na? Which classes are you going to?'
Bhakti classes, go there for eight hours everyday, you're too lucky you found me here...well this is what I REALLY wanted to say, even though I stopped going there after the first week of joining...but mom was there...so just gave minimum info that was maximum true.
'How much do you study? Better study hard...important year!'
'Ya I do study, abhi toh revision chal raha hai...'
Yeah right, revision, there hasn't been even on single complete vision, but you know, I would've studied, atleast in my dreams if you hadn't shown up...and what's all that crap about important year and all, eh? Important...who cares? I've been created to party...
So goes on the chat and my fragile and simple mind is assaulted by the 'care' and 'concern' of these very gentle creatures and thus the noon turns to evening, the time when the seal of homes over the unruly hooligans breaks, and chaos is unleashed into the playground...
The guests decide to bid farewell and there my friend, dies another afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely described man, just wondering what such people have got to do with us and our lives. They are a pain in the butt!