April 20, 2008

Under the microscope 1

Today I want to analyze the poem called 'Tales of a drifter' by Aditya K. A close friend.

The dark clouds rest
As the sun comes out
Dawning of a new era
As my feet set out
5 To a never ending journey
I'm yet another vagabond
Never sought interest
Except dusk and dawn
Son of two intellects
10 Hardwork and adversity
No, never did I learn
Despite all tragedy
I had to move on
I was a faithful dog
15 Earned my two meals
Doing different jobs
Never cared of money
It never stayed
As a new day began
20 I started again

This piece contains 20 lines exactly. This work has no particular rhyme pattern...but as you move on [from l.5 onwards] he does rhyme at some places using the classic combination of words. For example - ..dusk and dawn.., ..learn..move on.. and so on.
The central theme of this work is the Adi's idea of a drifter and what qualities of a vagabond's life appeals him. From the first four lines we can see the optimism he wants to highlight, we can also see his dire need for such a moment by the direction of the notes, the direction is forward or the future. Then l.5 marks his desire for continuity. With l.6 he turns us into the present and bends the sails to hit a recap, but we don't get a recap quite literally as he still describes the present from l.7.
L.7 can be quite misleading in context to lines 8 and 9 as l.8 marks a transition of subject i.e. a common epithet for both l.7 and l.8. L.9 he tells us that the universal truth of 'dawn and dusk' he has realized in his persona. But lines 10 and 11 show us his stubborn nature, hence contradicting with the earlier ideas. Thus Oscar Wilde reveals himself....Yes my friends Adi's works deeply portray ideas in paradoxes [Which I feel excess]. Lines 12 and 13 show the optimism again, not as something what he seeks but as something that he's experienced, but this line and its placement also tells us that he's left behind something dear and the 'moving on' hurt him.
Line 14 again is very broad, but I'd like to think that he was a 'faithful dog' to is responsibilities. L.15 to l.18 show his vagabond lifestyle and his take on wealth. The last two lines again show the need for optimistic approach to life....

[Well so much for an unasked review. If I read everything so carefully...man I would've topped the class....hehehe.]

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Anonymous said...

Nice description! I liked that! To be very true, I never wrote it thinking of the way you've described it. Thoughts just flew in!