April 20, 2008

The Grand Conjuration.

Currently playing....Grand Conjuration by Opeth [ Ghost Reveries ] ....
The riff of the song is very broken and might sound very erratic technically but as the song moves on the timeline it develops its own pattern. The drum work by Martin Lopez is very supportive and fulfilling to the rhythm[riff]. The rhythm also shows a dark and assertive nature in it, lending a very hunky base to the song. This song is the Headbangers' dream.
Another instrument, the keyboards...this guy just elevates the song into a higher realm of darkness thus giving me a feeling of an inner atrium in the composition - the best example of internal helix in modern music. As the guitars and vocals along with the drums backing them up, build to a strong momentum, the keyboards sing few but definitive notes enlightening the song.
Now cometh the solo. This monster of pace arises from the momenta of the bass and the guitars. like a foreseeable orgasm, you know its coming but still can't figure out exactly what it is. The lead just explodes on the scene screaming and singing with his guitar. Though the solo is not divine or technically 'GOD' but within the timeline of the song just make you lose yourself.
Just as the solo dies away so does the main feeling of the song...but these guys[Opeth] have so many tricks up their sleeve, the solo's end marks the end of their tempo's peak and gradually and intricately the composition spirals downwards revealing the keyboards and the inner helix of the song. Enlightenment. The keyboards weave a fine solo and start to mark the real orgasm or 'peak-fall' in the song. With the end of the solo [key] you begin to anticipate what's next and with unique Opeth style the riff restarts...like a Phoenix arising from its ashes....You want this cycle to never end....
But like all good things my friend this number does end. Truly a 'GRAND' Conjuration. Apt.

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Anonymous said...

All true but I felt Ghost Of Perdition had a much better realm of darkness and esp the keyboards only playing in the 7th min(6.55 onwards) made me feel like a mourners lament. Thats much better for me.