April 25, 2008

What have we become!

I was resting on my bed that grew out of the window wall, staring out of the grilled outlook, I looked at the Peupul tree that grew just outside. At times like these, when I'm alone...when I'm not 'supposed' to do or be anything by any one, I think. I think really hard.
Last night when I was talking to my best buddy it all came out; all the discontent, all my complains; complains about myself and about all of us. Yes we as Indians are proud of our culture, our legacies, our epics and the traditions. If you ask me, I'll say we aren't that great; our families are born out of desperation and there is no communication or a huge miscommunication. Hate me if I'm being a fat-arse, sitting on the couch and complaining, but this is what I see.
There is never a problem when everyone in the family is happy, everyone is tolerable, loveable. Everything is fine when we are as we are 'supposed' to be; rules form the binding element of a family, algorithm for your behavior, a guide to how you should be and not love. And this is not a demented way of looking at things, just a different way. Think about it, when we are kids there is no restrictions to our thoughts, we show what we feel and say what we really want, but as we grow older, we become more intelligent, more responsible [I really doubt that] and then we become what we are supposed to become.
Really, look at yourself, there's something you've been meaning to tell your parents about but can't because you are afraid of how they'll react. Children have to think a thousand times before speaking to their parents! What is more pathetic? If they really love you why then such a distance, why a wall of expectations? Are we that useless?
Frankly people, where has all the love gone? Buried under the weights of traditions and rules and 'suppositions'. All this crap about traditions and society is all in the head, our heads. In reality we are just individuals, weak and afraid, unable to talk to each other...that's why there is the need for all these artificialities, all these guidelines.
Let me remind you here I'm not talking about you and the rest of the world, I'm just speaking in the context of you and your family. When are we going to love people we say we love? When are we going to lead a better life, walk a path that we choose, that we desire? Do we really need something else to tell us whom to love, how to love and how much to love? Are we that useless? Tell me, are we that weak?

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