April 25, 2008

He and She.

A shade darker than black was spilled over the sky, stars teemed on the blackness like the garden of the gods. The village was slowly drowning in silence, the streets became deserted, silence in the houses hurried along as the cold low breeze snuffed out all the light. Silent, the village slept a night's sleep...
Crunching the gravel below his feet he made his way along the street, towards the forests. His hasty steps were filled with anticipation and excitement. The night had just begun, he had time but he couldn't wait. The road got lost into the forest, in the darker realm, in trees and in the insectnoise, a tranquil and pure darkness. His steps slowed down, his footsteps sounded of bruised dry leaves, cool air too was slothing around, near the ground.
Slowly a familiar scent filled his air, a perfume that he can never forget, he held out his hand and his fingers touched a familiar surface. She looked like the ghost of Moon herself, her veil white over her face. He held her around his arms, they both drifted till she was blocked by a tree, he came closer and kissed her through the fine lenin. His lips thrust upon hers, she resisted but his touch was something she longed for...eyes closed, the night and the world disappeared.
He pulled the veil off her, caressed her face and they kissed again. The seal broke, desire spoke as the night sped on. They caressed each other, through their clothes, the fever rose.
The dam could no longer hold the force of their passion, the curtains fell, skin to skin spake. The breath hastened, heavier and filled with a million words. That night all bonds dissolved, in the blink of an eye. On the forest grass, they lay, in embrace.
No longer they sought for words, for one they were in mutual love.
So long they said to the world and all, so long to all that is, we no longer are human...we have become divine.


Anonymous said...

Just amazing!
Truly magnificent!

Immortal_666 said...

truly amazing!
keep it up!!