April 21, 2008


We live our lives in ignorance. When we are children we are free and full of possibilities. He said a man is born free; all the bondages come later. I feel we owe the society a lot, for it protects our fears, nourishes our prejudices and saves us from self destruction. In all this noise of me and you, culture and responsibility, family and tradition I suddenly find myself lost; lost for words, lost for dreams, lost for courage and essentially lost from myself. I've forgotten who I am, reduced to a machine, a gear in the big system of hallucinating small gears like my self....and the problem is that somehow I've stopped hallucinating.
Come to see and I couldn't withstand the freedomlessness, man I had to break free but I learnt the hard way that I can't....FOOL. I thought I could beat the system; all that I am - one itsy-bitsy person, like a Jew trapped in Rome. Is that all we account for? as individuals, when are we going to be free. Some would say that it creates chaos if such a thing ever happened....but I say we will create a new system...a new order. Bah... these are just the dreams of an old rebel.
Afterall, what are we in this huge world? Puny people weak and afraid. Small puppets with strings tied to each other. So powerless, so helpless. Numb and withering away. People the days of bravery and glory are gone...Now comes the Night of the Slaves. Slaves without a master - no good. Come on fellow answer me what are you? Show me who you are....all alone bleeding, watching the moon. Where has the God in you gone? Oh, where atleast the Satan in you gone?
Hopeless....all we are in the end; are just Humans.
Just Human.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely written. I enjoyed reading it, except the ideas. Man, you will never find yourself if you keep searching for yourself. Remember, it all lies beyond the realm of our thoughts.